I am a visual artist working in a range of traditional mediums. I make original artwork for people who love Vietnam whether they live here or are just visiting.


My books,paintings, drawings and etchings makes the experience of being in Vietnam more meaningful and helps to explain the cultures, landscapes and history of this beautiful land.


What differentiates my work is my perspective; I come to Vietnam with a fresh eye and a curious mind. What I discover and what I draw attention to, is often a surprise to Vietnamese and International audiences alike.


I have been in Vietnam since 2012 and have lived in a few different places; 7 months in Hoi An, 4 months in Sapa, nearly three months in Hanoi and many excursions but I have hardly scraped the surface of this beautiful country. I have spent most time in Saigon which is the place I call 'home'. I love the city's energy and am amazed, like everyone else, at the rate of change and the speed of construction. In 2017, I opened a contemporary art gallery in Hoi An.

Back home in England I spent 18 years as a product designer and latterly taught at Leeds College of Art for 9 years. During that time I learned the art of etching  in the wonderful studio there. Whenever I visit the UK, I take the opportunity to produce some new etchings at the lovely Northern Print Workshop in Newcastle - it is like a home from home for me.


For three years I wrote a monthly column for 'OI Vietnam' magazine and  have published four books about Vietnam.

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What the heck are you doing in Vietnam girl?