An English Summer - The Alnmouth gallery

I have been visiting Alnmouth for over 20 years and am always relieved to find that nothing has every changed. Old friends of mine recently moved there and so I was able to spend some sketching, meeting the locals and getting to know it better. I hope the resulting watercolours reflect the way I feel about this quiet corner of England and how utterly lovely it is.

Some of these paintings are for sale and are available exclusively from Harvey Roberts at St. Valery B&B  on Northumber land street, not far from the church. Pop in any time. Youwill get a warm welcome and maybe a glass of English prosecco!

The prices include a handmade honey pine frame and double mount - framed by George Skipper in Alnwick.

The old granary

This building stands in the old Pease's garden, a large plot belonging to the big house. Sold

Quiet morning

This scene epitomeses, for me, the peaceful calm of an English Sunday. It has looked like this for over a hundred years and will remain constant for another. $220

The dragon of the east wind

God bless the eccentric and the adventurers. This quirky lookout is topped with an exquisite dragon and overlooks the estuary. $280

Low tide

To wander around and between the boats that lay at anchor on the low tide flats of Alnmouth estuary is a delightful way to spend an hour. Some boats are still working, some have been forgotten. Each has a story to tell. $280


The Duchess Bridge was built with funds provided by the Duchess of Northumberland and makes a grand entrance to the village framed with Scots pines. $220

Lest we forget

At the top of the high street is this charming war memorial standing sentry at the village entrance to tell the stories of love and loss. $220


THis should be listed as one of England's smallest museums. The old ferry hut houses a collection of photographs and ephemera that is enchanting. $280

Lovaine terrace

This suprising terrace is actually listed for being the first terrace of houses to be built in unreinforced concrete. Amazing no? $280


Pease's Garden

A distinctive landmark in Alnmouth - needing a little TLC. $220

The Old Grain Store

This fine old grain store stands right in the heart of Alnmouth village next to the church and now houses the vibrant post office and a terrace of homes. 24 x 40cm.

St. Valery.

Thought to be named after St. Waleric to whose name the original church was dedicated. Sold

Red and honey

Speaks for itself really. I love old postboxes.


As you walk down the high streets, each alley gives you a glimpse of something tempting. This one next to the grocer takes your eye down to the estuary and the fields beyond. If you are lucky, you will see a train go by. Sold

Coquet Island

This is the most captivating view in Alnmouth. If I could, I would paint this ever-changing scene every day.

The Links

Apparently, the oldest 9 hole links course in England