Drawing for Beginners and Improvers


This short course will take you from doodling to self portraits in just 8 weeks.  I am an experienced professional artist who has taught drawing at Batchelor level in a UK school of art. I believe that if you can write, you can draw and I will show you how in just 8 fascinating lessons.  This class is ideal for complete beginners and also for thos ewho would like to improve their drawing. Each student can work at their own level.


The cost of the course includes all your materials and equipment, online support and refreshments.


Lesson 1. How to choose the right materials to get the results you want. The science of drawing. The psychology of learning to draw. How to see what you are looking at.  


Lesson 2.  How to draw what isn't there. Some subjects are so complicated we have to see through them in order to start a drawing. This is the most fascinating of all drawing lessons.


Lesson 3. Perspective. What the Renaissance artists discovered and how they cheated!


Lesson 4.  Seeing light and understanding shade


Lesson 5. Perspective.  The art and science of two and three point perspective


Lesson 6. How to create space and distance


Lesson 7. The human form. Drawing people in public spaces.


Lesson 8. Portraits and the self portrait.




The price includes:-


  • 16 hours of expert tuition

  • Online support for your private study

  • A good quality drawing pad, pencils, eraser and a good quality sharpener. 

  • Refreshments