Double happiness

Linocut - edition of 20 13 x 21cm The rooftops and gables of old trading port in Chinese red ink.

Whitby Cobble

Linocut 21 x 13cm This little boat is a typical North East fishing cobble. You can see her moored in Scarborough harbour usually.


Linocut 21 x 13cm the Intermediate Egret hangs out in the rice paddies of Asia and paddles about with such elegance.

Whitby lighthouse

Linocut 13 x 21cm

Whisper - etching by Bridget March

Whisper - Ochre This aquatint received the lightest touch of acid to create this delicate image I have entitled 'Whisper' It is a drawing of a pheasant feather I picked up in the serene grounds of Riveaulx Abbey in England on the occasion of my niece's wedding. I have carried it to Vietnam and back to inspire the creation of this whisper of an etching.

The Garden- etching by Bridget March

The Garden 24 x 6cm French Blue on Somerset velvet cotton paper An old Vietnamese garden is not filled with flowers and potted plants but with frangrant trees to provide a private place for morning and evening walks in cool shade. Frame size 37 x 20cm approx. Double mount (Matt) with Plexiglass lens. All acid free materials.

Of mists and mountains - etching

Of Mists and mountains 24 x 6cm French Blue on Somerset Velvet cotton paper n the high mountains of northern Vietnam, mists roll in and out of the valleys day and night. Some say the mists are the spirits of beautiful dreaming women that float between the peaks and caress the hill sides. Frame size 37 x 20cm approx

The East Sea - etching

The East Sea Vietnam's long coast line runs 1800km from Ha Long Bay to Vung Tau and is edged with white beaches where fishermen in round woven boats catch small fish along the East Sea strand. French Blue on Somerset Velvet cotton paper $180 plus shipping

Ha Long Bay - etching

Peace and Mists -Ha Long Bay 24 x 6cm Ha Long Bay is a place of Mists and magic, pale green waters and sometimes, a kind of primeval peace. Black kites soar lonely above the limestone peaks and a jungle of ancient plants, untouched by man, hang from crevices and vertical cliffs. Prussian blue on Somerset Velvet cotton paper Frame size 37 x 20cm approx

Ha Long Bay - etching

Ha Long Bay - deep frame

Eleven Trees - etching

Eleven Trees 5cm x5cm plus relief panels Coffee bean on Arches cotton paper. Frame size: 20 x 30 cm approx

Look left; look right - etching

Look left: look right In the tradition of 'what happened when the chilcken crossed the road', I have called this 'Look left; look right' 5 x 8cm plus relief panels Saigon Black on Arches cotton paper. Cadmium Red watercolour combs. Frame size: 20 x 26cm approx