Logo and maps for private museum in Hoi An

December 2016

Rehahn, the famous French photographer of ethnic groups in Vietnam has built a new museum in Hoi An to house his collection of costumes, jewellery and artifacts that includes a charming collection of pipes. He commissioned me to create the museum logo and a series of maps to help visitors to understand his journeys and to learn more about the disappearing heritage of the ethnic people of SE Asia who live in Vietnam.

Good news for Thao Dien

June 2016

A new initiative by indpendent retailers in Thao Dien Village, District 2, Saigon, will raise the profile of the area as a shopping and dining destination.

The map is intended to show Thao Dien as a leafy, riverside neighbourhood that is only 10 minutes from Saigon city centre.  Entitled 'Across the Saigon Bridge', this will appear in city magazines, on their Facebook page and be printed on A5 leaflets.

Ha Long Bay Map

Feb 2016

Bhaya Cruises of Ha Long Bay commisssioned me to create a new watercolour map of the bay and the wildlife for use on their cruise ships and to give to customers as souvenirs.

Illustrations for a new brand of coffee

January 2016

Tet Lifestyle collection have brought out a new brand of  coffee which they serve in their beautiful cafe on Tay Ho lake in Hanoi and which is available to buy at the counter.  The names of the coffee are based on the 8 elements of the Buddhist triagrams. This one is Heaven - the cup is levitating off the saucer and heavenly clouds are rising from the cup. This is the coffee they serve every day in the cafe - how heavenly. Finshed labels developed by Lotus Design Hanoi loosley based on my original concept.  http://lotushanoi.vn/

Social media icons

Oct 2015

You can purchase a license to use these icons at my online shop


All 16 icons $40

individual icons $3 each

Custome icons $10 each

A folding leaflet

An illustrated folding leaflet to promote the properties and services of Tet Lifestyle Collection, Hanoi.


The brief required drawings to be done on location,  illusrations developed in the studio, logo concepts, new social media icons and all the orginal copywriting.


I worked closely with Lotus Design in Hanoi to take the project from concept to print.  http://lotushanoi.vn/



Sapa folding guide

This foldng guide to Sapa was developed to raise funds for two local schools in the Sapa district. My task included research into the history of local ethnic minority groups, map making, researching indigo and batik crafts, local foods, festivals and season indicators.

The illustrations are watercolour and ink. The front cover is a detail from one of my original paintings.

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