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Life Drawing

Master Classes - are for artists who are experiencing a block in their creativity or having difficulty taking their work to the next level.  

For example:

I worked with a novelist who wanted to illustrate his own novel but whose lack of 'art education' was creating a crisis of confidence. We worked through it using some exercises and he went on to illustrate his work and publish soon after.

One artists came to me because she didn't know how to improve her painting. It turned out there wasn't anything wrong with her ability to manipulate paints and she had a great sense of colour. Her problem was that she needed to improve her drawing and to learn something about composition to make her paintings more dynamic. 

Art Events - Why not have an art event in you home or at a local art studio? How about a portrait party  or a shoe painting party for your birthday. 

Private Classes - are for your family or a group of friends who would simply prefer to have your art classes at home. Suitable for ages 9 - 90.  

Life Drawing - there is a big demand for life drawing classes but my studio isn't big enough to accommodate it and finding private spaces is not easy in Saigon. If you are interested in learning about life drawing and have a suitably private space we can use, I will gather a group of 5 or 6 others to take part and you will get your class for free.