Mindfulness through drawing and art appreciation.


Classes held at Mekong Merchant, 23 THao Dien, D2,

HCMC, Vietnam



Mindfulness is described as the practice of maintaining a non-judgmental state of heightened or

complete awareness of one's thoughts, emotions, or experiences on a moment-to-moment basis.

It induces a state of 'living in the moment' which can also be achieved through meditation, yoga, l

earning to play a musical instrument , gardening and drawing.


Drawing is one of the most portable forms of 'mindfulness' practice and its therapeutic effects have

been recognised by artists for over a hundred years.  You too can practice this technique as a means

of resting the mind and creating a heightened awareness of the world around you.


You will experience a sense of well-being and completeness at the same time as you learn to see the world through new eyes.



In each 90 minute session you will learn a new drawing and seeing technique. We will warm up with a simple drawing exercise, engage in silent drawing study for 40 minutes and cool down by sharing some thoughts. You will leave with an exercise to practice in your own time.


Single Session: $30 /  650,000vnd

Ten sessions:  $270 /  5,850,000 vnd


The fee includes:


  • Expert drawing and art appreciation tuition

  • Paper.

  • Information sheets and private study tasks

  • A refreshing drink from the Mekong Merchant Menu

  • Specialist materials as required *


* Students should bring their own drawing equipment - including pencils, eraser, pens or other materials of choice.  Materials will also be available to buy so don't worry if you forget or unsure what to bring.